8-10-2016 // The Undefeated Racer

After being on hiatus for several years, the series finally returns with a new episode!

4-3-2016 // The Racers

If this preview shot doesn't get you excited for the next episode, nothing will. Heheh.

3-30-2016 // New Styled Ryo

Here's how Ryo will look with the new style.

I wish I could share more pictures of what I've been working on, but it will spoil everything. =P

2-24-2016 // Character Art Preview

This is the new style I'm going for...

Consider this new style "Adrenaline v3.0".

Version 1.0 was never released but parts of it can be seen in the opening sequence. Version 2.0 is what was released in the animation videos. Version 2.5 was an unreleased "animated comic style" based off of version 2.0.

2-10-2016 // Adrenaline Returns

Yes, you've heard that right. And what better way to celebrate than releasing the original animations on YouTube:

The plan is to roll out the series in a new, easier to produce format. Episode five is in the works!

About the Project

- 2.5D webcomic and audio drama hybrid
- fully animated 3D races
- original soundtrack and voice acting
- epic story and street racing action
- available on YouTube!

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EP 1 : Fearless
EP 2 : Racer Talk
EP 3 : Grocery Shopper
EP 4 : The Plan

EP 5 : The Undefeated Racer

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