FULL NAME: Roger Loman Jr.
HOMETOWN: San Francisco, CA
AGE: 19 / B-DAY: June 16
HEIGHT: 5’7”
TEAM: N/A Muscle
RIDE: 1968 F-body SS
Niners, spicy food, arcades


He did not know his father well, and therefore, his father's death left an odd feeling in his heart. For the longest time after the death, his dad's old car would sit in the garage until one day, J-Dub decided to take it out for a spin.

J-Dub had always been interested in racing but had no ability for tuning. In order to get the old car back into racing form, he had to seek the help of his father's old friends (and rivals too). Along the way, he would learn much about not just tuning, but about the man he barely knew.

Racing his father's car will always be a thrill to him as well as the connection to his father that he never had.