FULL NAME: Michael Meng
HOMETOWN: San Francisco, CA
AGE: 20 / B-DAY: Feb 28
HEIGHT: 5’6”
TEAM: D-Sun Drifters
RIDE: 1990 S13 Zenki SE
LIKES: games, gadgets, and girls


Two years ago, Mike's life was completely different than how it is now; he was an honor student and an aspiring computer science major at SF State. Now he is a drop out who dislikes talking about school of any kind. But one thing has remained constant in his life: his interest in street racing.

Friends with Terry in both high school and college, the two now work at a grocery store and are starting up the racing team they previously left behind.

Mike is generally quiet if he doesn't know you, but talks too much if he does. He doesn’t know what he'll end up doing one day but hopes it involves computers.