Tokyo Fury

FULL NAME: Ryo Haraguchi
HOMETOWN: Tokyo, Japan
AGE: 25 / B-DAY: July 12
HEIGHT: 5'10"
TEAM: Tokyo Fury
RIDE: 1998 CP9A Lan Evo V
LIKES: sake, poker, jrock


A newcomer to the Bay Area racing scene, other racers refer to him as “Tokyo Fury” because of the decal on the side of his car (although that actually isn’t his nickname).

He is temporarily staying in America for work-related reasons and brought his car with him for personal reasons. Nobody remembers who his first opponent was but everybody wants to be the first opponent to beat him.

Both his car and his technique seem out of this world. And anyone who can beat him, if it's even possible, will become a Bay Area street racing legend.