FULL NAME: Spencer de la Cruz
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5’7” / B-DAY: Aug 17
TEAM: DC Speed
RIDE: 1996 DC2 Integ GS-R
LIKES: billiards, hip hop, lumpia


Johnny (a fellow Integ racer) taught him everything he knew about racing. But he left the Bay Area, and Spence has been trying to fill in his shoes ever since.

Only one goal is on his mind: to let everyone know he and his team are the best. Despite being a talented and successful racer, competitors often underestimate him; that doubt ignites Spence's fiery racing passion. It is that same passion which makes him one of the best racers out there. It'll also make him do anything to win, even if it means taking risks.

Not in school and undecided about his career, the future isn't on Spence's mind. He is young and independent with a fast car; Spence just wants to enjoy this moment while it's here.