FULL NAME: Terry Durán
HOMETOWN: San Francisco, CA
AGE: 21 / B-DAY: Sep 12
HEIGHT: 5’11”
TEAM: D-Sun Drifters
RIDE: 1997 S14 Kouki
LIKES: computers, NBA, Corona


After dropping out of college, Terry returns to the only thing left that matters to him: street racing. Suffering from extreme insomnia, he uses the night hours to race others on the empty San Francisco streets.

Unbeaten since his return, other racers refer to him as “Fearless” because he drifts like there’s no tomorrow. Yet, Terry always makes it out of a race without a crash. His trademark "Fearless Drift" simultaneously scares and impresses opponents.

A girl he meets at work tries to show him that there may be more to look forward to in life other than his next paycheck or his next opponent. In the process, she uncovers what the “Fearless” racer is truly afraid of.