FULL NAME: Yui Watanabe
HOMETOWN: Osaka, Japan
AGE: 23 / B-DAY: Jan 3
HEIGHT: 5’3”
TEAM: n\a
RIDE: n\a
LIKES: manga, traveling, guitar


She is Aya’s friend, housemate, classmate, and unofficial “problem-solver”. Yui decided to study in America not just because she had the same major as Aya but also because it was an excuse to leave Japan. But at this point in their studies, Yui wonders if Aya is still interested in the curriculum.

A business major, the subject appeals to her not because of the money but because of the potential opportunities to travel the world and meet new people.

In her free time, Yui likes to read manga, watch Japanese programming, and visit J-town; Aya sometimes wonders why she even left Japan.