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Street Racing & Original Productions

Punto De Rebase - An independently made, 3D street racing series by another filmmaker. Focuses on drift racing on the Los Angeles hills.

MyogiWarrior34 - Producer of "Supido no Densetsu" which focuses on Japanese highway racing. Features full voice acting and original anime drawings mixed with 3D video game footage.

Project D Fan Page - Street racing enthusiast site. Contains material from anime, movies, video games, and real-life competitions.

mprasetya - Video game drift racer. Check out his moves!

Other Animated Original Productions

Voice Acting Alliance - Community of voice actors and actresses. Great resource for voice talent, fandubs, and original productions.

Astralojia - Feature length, still image motion series featuring an original soundtrack.

Azure-Productions - A 2D animated mecha series created in Flash. Produced by Azure-Productions.

Delura - A 3D fantasy & sci-fi space series. Produced by Tandrine Studios.

Driving Tips

Tips for Safe Driving - Self-explanatory title. Check it out, especially if you're a first-time driver.

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When driving on public roads, follow all traffic laws and use safe driving practices.
For your racing fix, pickup a video game or go to the track.