"Past midnight, the world is asleep. But his body refuses to rest. Late at night is when he is most alive."

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Episode Summaries and Previews (contains some spoilers)

Episode 1 : "Fearless"

"Fearless" Terry races Steven of the Bay Strikers in a street race on the Golden Gate Bridge. Terry then introduces him to the world of San Francisco street racing.

Episode 2 : "Racer Talk"

Terry introduces Steven to his team: the D-Sun Drifters. Mike and Royce mention "Tokyo Fury", a racer from Japan who has yet to be defeated. They are all interrupted by the arrival of DC Speed, the D-Sun Drifters' rival. Their leader Spence has a playful exchange with the racers.

Back at home, Terry discovers Tokyo Fury's next challenge on a racing forum.

Episode 3 : "Grocery Shopper"

After an uninspiring class, Aya visits her "friend" at a nearby grocery store. Terry and Aya talk for the first time; the interaction goes well but not without some awkwardness.

Episode 4 : "The Plan"

Now with his team, Terry and the D-Sun Drifters talk about their opponents for tomorrow: the Bay Strikers. However, their goal tonight is none other than Tokyo Fury. Meanwhile, Aya and Yui are scheming plans of their own.

Episodes 5-6 : "Tokyo Fury" (preview)

- In a four-car street race, Tokyo Fury takes on some of the fastest racers in the Bay. However, the D-Sun Drifters have plans to ambush their race.
- Spence reveals DC Speed's next target to be none other than...?
- Aya once again drops by Better Foods Groceries but this time, with enough cash on hand.

Episode 7-8 : "Anything in This World" (preview)

- Terry introduces his "racer life" to Aya while she let's him know what it's like to be a foreign student.
- Terry and Ryo both recall the night their cars crossed paths.
- The Bay Strikers make their way to San Francisco to face the D-Sun Drifters.

When driving on public roads, follow all traffic laws and use safe driving practices.
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