Episode #1.1 : Fearless
Episode #1.2 : The Plan
Episode #2.1 : Tokyo Fury in production
Episode #2.2 : Anything In This World in production
Episode #3 : While the City Sleeps coming soon
Episode #4 : What Does a Racer Desire coming soon
Episode #5 : One's Worth coming soon
Episode #6 : Hide or Decide coming soon
Episode #7 : No Regrets coming soon


  1. DJ PJ - The Return
  2. DJ PJ ft. KanaraKante - Street Racers Anthem
  3. The Kyoto Connection vs DJ PJ - Nothing left to do (Adrenaline Remix)*
  4. DJ PJ - Machina Man
  5. Kosiji - Something Major
  6. DJ PJ - Don't Call It Fri$ko
  7. DJ PJ - Fire Under These Street Lights
  8. DJ PJ - Midnight Mastermind
  9. DJ PJ - Driven
  10. DJ PJ - いつかまた会います
  11. DJ PJ - Supermarket Oasis
  12. DJ PJ - The City
  13. DJ PJ - Afternoon Harvest
  14. Kosiji - Tengoku
  15. DJ PJ ft. KanaraKante - Fearless Night
  16. DJ PJ - Showcase

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