It's only natural for a racer to join a team. A team practices with each other, evaluates each other, learns from each other, and grows with each other. As a wise racer once said, "A team of talent is far greater than the sum of that same talent separated."

The team went on hiatus when its leaders left the racing scene. Now they are reforming and gaining attention, solely because Terry is returning to racing. True to their name, the team specializes in drifting and race primarily in S-platform cars. The D-SUN Drifters are always up for a friendly race because every race, win or lose, is a chance to get better.

Somewhat of a spin-off from Johnny's team, it consists of the best racers from Daly City (at least, according to Spence). The team is recognizable by their all-black, all H-badged, all-coupe, all FF lineup. Their goal is to get in every race that there is and leave their mark. They have a friendly rivalry with the D-SUN Drifters.

Based in the Bay Area suburbs, its members often travel to the city to check out the action. They drive under-powered FF's that are tuned to keep up with the competition.

Racing in domestic cars, the team was formed before imports started to get popular. They believe naturally aspirated is the way to go and count on their horsepower, more than anything, to get them to the finish line.

An older team, they have already moved on from street racing. However, they all still have their old, tuned rides for whenever an interesting challenge comes up.

This is the sticker that is on Ryo's imported car. It's unknown if it is even a team but no one else has been seen with this same sticker. It may be just a sponsor or a nickname.


When driving on public roads, follow all traffic laws and use safe driving practices.
For your racing fix, pickup a video game or go to the track.